Throw™ For Business

The entrepreneur's secret 
for growing companies

Throw™ For Business is the only place where owners and founders can find answers and learn about their target audience quickly, anonymously, and affordably.

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Why Throw™ 

A safe and respectful timesaver

Throw™ is a unique and exclusive opportunity to look at your target without the headache and coordination of an in-person focus group. Talk with real human beings and throw all the questions you have.

Improve your marketing strategy

Study your potential competitors

Discover the interest in your offer

Get meaningful feedback

From humans to humans

The power 
of anonymity 
in business

One of the best ways to grow a company is to get feedback from potential customers — but having totally unbiased feedback is even more powerful. Throw™ is a totally anonymous platform, the safest place to ask any question.

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Start your business with the right Q&A

Use Throw™ as a tool to get all the answers you need to grow your venture. It’s time to discover!

What competitors come to mind who have similar products?

Would you buy something like this? What would you pay?

How much would you invest in this?

How often do you invest in these types of services?

What else would you like to see offered, if anything?

How could this product better meet your needs?

If you could improve one thing about this product or service, what would it be?

Does the branding/messaging resonate with you?

How likely are you to recommend this product or service to family and friends?

Asking is the answer! Get your business growing today

Want to learn more about how to level up your company with a secret weapon that few business owners know about?

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