People helping people

The way social media should be.

Welcome to the community where any question can find the perfect answer. A safe, comfortable, and anonymous place to ask and answer questions. Dare to know!

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Answer, that's the question

Share your wisdom with others, solve their doubts and improve your score. Find out how simple it is!

Stop wondering

Throw every question you want to solve and help other users solve theirs.

Throw a crumpled paper ball with a message and get a response. Just as back in the day when you were in school. A spontaneous, authentic, and fun form of communication. Throw™ was born from that memory to make users free to ask any questions and receive the best feedback. From people to people.

Answering is an art

Voice assistants, search engines… all of that is ok. But humans need to communicate with humans.

Throw™ is the meeting point of users through the screen. Curiosity, ideas, love life, validation of content... all these concerns will find their answer. At the same time, you can earn cash helping others. Good replies will improve your score and your wallet.

Make a difference in other people’s lives!

Unlike other platforms based on Q&A, in Throw™ the ultimate goal is to help and be helped.

We are extremely cautious that feedback is positive and respectful. It is all about helping people, so we reject negative content, offenses or bad vibes. We encourage you to ask freely and confidently and to respond to others with responsibility and generosity.

How does it work



  • Have a question

  • Select question & response media formats

  • Select how many responses you want

  • Throw it!

  • Get your responses

  • Throw more questions



  • Answer questions

  • Get paid

  • Accumulate cash in your wallet

  • Cash out your bank account

  • Keep answering and earn more!

Is that simple!

Ready to Throw?

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About Throw™

Behind every question, there's always a curious person.

And precisely the curiosity to know is what makes us human. The objective of Throw™ is to put into practice what we do best: Talk to each other, communicate, seek answers...
At Throw™ we do not support negative content offenses, haters, bad vibes, or negativism. We are here to be helped and help others. And on the way, of course, have fun.

Our values:


Be yourself

Stay positive

Be responsible

Respect others

Be curious

Be generous

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Throw™?
How does it work?
What kinds of questions can I ask?
What kind of questions is Throw™ not for (at least not yet) and why?
Can I ask questions as well as answer them?
Why would I pay for this?
What is the price?
I haven’t received the number of answers that I requested, can I get a partial refund?
What is the “score” and what is it for?
What effect will each user’s score have in their experience?
How can I improve my score?
Cash and payouts
How much compensation do I receive for each answer I give?
Is there a minimum or a maximum amount for withdrawing my balance as a payout?
When will I receive my payout?
How many questions can I throw per day?
How many questions can I answer per day?
What is the “warm up” indicator?
What is the “streak” indicator?
How can I receive more questions?
Can I edit my question once I have launched a Throw?
What if I get negative, offensive or trash (gibberish) answers?
In what cases and how can I report someone?
Who decides if the content is offensive or bad quality?
What kind of answers will be the most valued?
How does getting reported affect me?
Security & Privacy
Is my personal data safe?
I’m worried about my privacy; how many people will see my questions?
Can I delete my account?

Ready. Set. Throw!

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